Beijing Here I Come

I’m going to China ya’ll! Just bought my ticket last night. Going to see my sister who lives in Tianjin.

Hasn’t sunk in yet…

I quit my temp job and I’m going on an an adventure.


Side benefit, my bf and even my parents agreed with the decision!

It’ll be a nice pause from the 9-5 life before it all starts again.

country music

My boyfriend has two different country stations programmed in his car radio.

This makes me smile, not because I like country Lord knows I don’t, but because love isn’t about having everything in common.

Love is about selflessness! Which I am learning daily.

Fact: My bf’s apartment in Minneapolis is 20x nicer than his tiny oceanview  apartment in San Francisco… annnd it’s cheaper.

This is why the Midwest is awesome.

And it’s a 3 minute drive from me. No more 3 hour flights!